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  • Guitar chord generator and scale calculator. Calculate fingerings for any chord on any stringed instrument in any tuning. Includes many other useful tools such as chord namer and tab mapper.
The Dover is our personal tribute to the guitar that changed rock-n-roll history back in 1954. Made famous by Buddy Holly in the mid 1950’s and revived to popularity by Jimi Hendrix in the late 1960’s, the tone produced by this guitar can be heard on literally thousands of hit records.

MJT Guitars - A Great Fender AlternativeIn this video I want to show off my MJT Telecaster style guitar. MJT's are great guitars and a good alternative to...

MJT Price - $475 w/USACG neck; $385 w/MJT MK neck; $235 w/you supplying your own neck *Bass Neck Custom Order –We offer custom order Bass necks from USACG and MK as well, or you can send us a Bass neck from the supplier of your choice (see above) for finishing/aging . Email us with requests and for prices.
  • Guitar and Bass Parts.Pickguard,Knob,Hardware,Bridge,Tremolo,Pickups,Electrionics.Wilkinson,CTS, LR Baggs, Graph Tech nuts and saddles,Fishman,Bigsby.
  • This is an MJT body with a left-handed fender tremolo loaded with Fender EJ pickups and electronics as close as I could get them (his has an undervalued 500K volume pot at 300K or so as well as a very important flat washer on the output jack which this one does not. The volume pot is around 275K which was close enough for me )
  • Welcome to the home of California Guitars We invite you to journey with us to a time when our world was a little simpler, American innovation was at its peak and quality products created by experienced hands were the norm. Here you will find a line of instruments that embody the "soul" of the original "California Guitar". Wander through the ...

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    基本仕様はMJTの62年タイプですが、かなり贅沢なパーツが多数使われています。 ネック All-Parts スタンダードCシェイプ ローズ指板(スラブ) 指板R 9.5R フレット トールサイズ(幅はビンテージサイズですが高さのみ高い) オールラッカー エイジド加工済み ボディ MJT ライトアルダー2P カラー ...

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    This is aPremium One Piece Swamp Ash official MJT® Custom Vintage style Aged Nitro VTT Guitar Body. The body was cut to vintage style specs by our sister company USA Custom Guitars right here in Carthage, MO USA. The body is topped off with an aged vintage 100% nitro Butterscotch finish by Mark Jenny of MJT®Aged Guitar Finishes.

    9496円 フルーツバスケット サービングウェア 食器・グラス・カトラリー ホーム&キッチン コンポート フルーツボウルフルーツバスケットフルーツフルーツプレートホームデコレーションドライフルーツ皿フルーツ皿キッチンストレージトレイセラミックフルーツプレートキャンディプレー ...

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    Enxi guitars is the new brand guitars coming to the world.we are here to showcase the promised We offer professional Custom&OEM service on guitars . Various wood material ,best hardware choice.

    Which guitar is best for a child? ...See All Buying Guides. Order Questions. 3 Year Warranty & 100 Days, 100% money back Guarantee. Artist Guitars Trust Policy.

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    Bei LKG-Guitars in Gladenbach/Hessen werden Gitarren - Träume Wirklichkeit. Bei LKG-Guitars wird man fündig, wenn man ausschließlich Qualität, Service und professionelle Beratung sucht.

    Guitar. MJT + Warmoth - Custom Stratocaster "F-Blond" - Korina/Ash; Warmoth + MJT - Custom "Prototype Snakehead" TL - White Blond; Warmoth - Korina Musiclander Bass. MJT + Warmoth - Custom JB Dirty Black Effect Pedal. ANALOG.MAN - Prince Of Tone; BJFE - Aqua Marine Wonder Machine; BJFE - Baby Blue Overdrive Limited Edition

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    Daguet Guitars go AMERICA. 0 Commentaires. Guitares en cours deuxième semestre. 0 Commentaires.

    Custom Guitars in höchster Qualität. Ob Einzelstück oder Kleinserie, jedes Instrument kann individuell nach euren Wünschen gebaut werden.

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    MJT guitars user club; MJT guitars user club. Aller à la page ... J’avais monté ma Strat avec le top des pièces avec corps MJT et manche Warmoth et a l ...

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    Apr 18, 2011 · Hey Yall, So on USA custom guitars, I am getting offered something Warmoth isnt offering me, a Quartersawn maple neck with a birdseye maple fretboard. However, I have heard very little about them, and am therefore curious as to what you guys think about them.

    How does your MJT S or T-style compare to American Vintage or even CS reissue Fender?

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【MJT Official】 VJT 超軽量!ジャズマスター ヴィンテージ仕上げレリック加工ボディ レイクプラシッドブルー 44,000円(税込) 送料込MJT Custom Order 47,300円(税込) 【MJT Official】 超軽量!
mjt기타는 f사의 50년대60년대 사운드를 재현하는데 가장 큰 목표를 가지고 있습니다. 그 당시 좋은 목재와 좋은 피니쉬에서 나오는 거칠고 마른 사운드는 아직도 많은 뮤지션들의 선망의 대상입니다.
“I wanted to create a special one-of-a-kind guitar gift for my grandson's birthday featuring SPIDERMAN. I reached out to INZANE SKINS because their work is the best in the industry. After speaking with John on what I wanted, he sent me his designs and gave me a very fair price to not only create the custom skin for the guitar I purchased, but ...